”Tototo Morioka”
1-2 Natayacho, Moroika, Iwate

「ととと -盛岡の泊まれるたまり場-」

From JR Morioka station

If you take “Shinkansen”, the nearest station from Tototo is JR Morioka station.
It’s a 30 minute walking distance.
You can take bus from the station to Tototo.
It takes 15 minutes.

Please get on the bus from No.13 or 14 bus stop at the east gate of the station.
The nearest bus stop from Tototo is “Mimami-odori 2 chome” (南大通2丁目) .
So please show the driver the following sentence to ask the bus goes to “Mimami-odori Nichome” (南大通2丁目).
「南大通2丁目は通りますか?」(Does this bus go to “Mimami-odori Nichome” ?)
Tototo is 1 minute walk from the bus stop.

Or you can take loop bus called “Denden mushi” (でんでんむし) from the station.
Please get on the bus from No.16 bus stop (Counter clockwise course).
Please get off the bus at No. 14 bus stop “Morioka bus center”.
It takes 10 minutes to the bus stop.
Tototo is 10 minute walk from the bus stop.

Or you can teka taxi.
It takes 10 minutes.

From JR Sembokucho station

If you take local train, the nearest station from Tototo is JR Sembokucho station.
It is 1 station south from JR Morioka station.
Tototo is a 15 minute walk from the station.

By car

20 minutes from Morioka IC or Morioka minami IC.

4 cars can be parked in Tototo parking lot.

Basically, please park forward.
It costs 600 yen per car per night.

The parking lot is adjacent to Tototo, but I rent it from a nighbor.

The parking lot is adjacent to the building, but it is rented from the house behind it.

The parking lot is only on the right side of the tiger rope in the center of the photo, and the left side of the rope is not rented.

In addition, the asphalt part on the left side is another parking.

If you park by mistake, it will cause inconvenience to everyone who rents the parking, so please never park.

※From 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning, please be careful not to turn left from the one-way road in front of you. Please check the map image


If the parking lot is full, please use the nearby pay parking lot.


※When loading and unloading luggage, it is okay to park for a short time.