I’m Takuji Onodera, the owner of Tototo Morioka.
Tototo opened in August, 2019.

There is a kitchen you can use in Tototo.
Another supermarket “Universe” is 5-minute walk from Tototo.
There are 3 convenience stores in 5-minute walking distance.
Many restaurants & bars are in 10 or 15 minute walking distance.
You can enjoy the local area.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Natayacho, Morioka.

The house of Tototo is an old Japanese warehouse renovated.
There is a good atmosphere.
And the house has good insulation.
There are air conditioners in each rooms.
So you can stay comfortably.
But there is no good soundproofing.
If you mind it , you should rethink the booking.

Please check the availability & close day before you submit the booking.

R×=Rooms per group are fully occupied.
QR1=1 room left for 3-4 people
TR1=1 room left for 2-3 people
TW=1 twin room left
F2 = 2 people left in female shared room、F1 = 1 person left in female shared room
M2 = 2 people left in male shared room、M1 =1 person left in male shared room
×=No Vacancy 

No Check-in=New guests cannot check in.
It is available if you stay from the day before the no check-in day.
Repeater can check in on the day.

No booking on the day=You cannot book your stay on the day. If no reservation by 22:00 of the previous day, the guesthouse is closed on the day.

Booking Form

1 person
2 people
3-7 people
Whole house rental


If the reservation form is not working properly, please contact me using one of the methods below.
[Tel] +81 80-4693-1837
[E-mail] booking.tototo@gmail.com
[instagram] https://www.instagram.com/tototo.tamariba.morioka.iwate/
[facebook] https://www.facebook.com/tototo.tomareru.tamariba.morioka.iwate/
[X] https://twitter.com/tototomorioka
[LINE] takujio / +81 80-4693-1837
[WhatsApp] +81 80-4693-1837